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    The Scarf
    The Scarf
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    The Scarf with air pollution, allergy, cold & flu protection


    The Best Solution to Protection Against Pollution and Allergies. The Unisex Scarf.

    The Scarf with air pollution, allergy, cold & flu protection
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    The Scarf  incorporates a particulate filter into the scarves design. This product has air pollution, allergy, cold & flu protection built right in!

    Air pollution is a very big concern when it comes to health issues. Respiratory issues top the list of problems. Heart problems too are caused by the excessive quantity of carbon dioxide present in the air. Bronchial diseases, Allergies, eye irritation, and Asthma are a few other health problems faced due to pollution. Besides Health, ecosystems and the environment are widely affected by air contamination. Acid rain is one major setback.

    Among newer innovations in the world each day, one useful and effective item is the Scarf. This is the first scarf ever that has the ability to save one from air pollution to a large extent. With the incorporation of a particulate filter in the fabric, this scarf has been tested by the FDA in the United States, where it easily outclassed many renowned masks in competition.

    It filters out an average of 99.75% of all airborne particulates size 0.1 microns and larger.

    Besides generic pollution, it saves you from a number of problems and contaminants like pneumonia, pollen, influenza, cigarette smoke, strep, pet dander tuberculosis, and many more. With a three layer protection the scarf work as amazingly effective Neck warmers. Sort your winter needs, your protection against pollution, cold and flu with the eco-friendly scarf.

    Don’t want to wear an air pollution mask?

    Don’t like the look of your allergy mask?

    Finally, there is an alternative

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